Gorgeous, Gorgeous Prague

I think after two months in Denmark my skin forgot what it felt like to be touched by the sun, which is why I got a little sunburned after spending two days in sunny, glorious PRAGUE!  We could not have asked for better weather to explore this gorgeous city.  My friend Paige, who is a fellow Minnesotan and student at Gustavus, and I very spontaneously booked tickets a few weeks ago during lunch for this weekend trip to the Czech Republic, and it came up really quickly.  We got in late Friday night and had all day Saturday and Sunday to explore the little city.

I was surprised, first, by how many tourists there were in Prague.  There were different languages being spoken all over the place, and I think I saw 5 times as many foreigners as Czech people.  I also didn’t realize how proud the Czech Republic was of its medieval heritage and influence.  Our first trip was to the Astronomical Tower, and all of the workers there were dressed up in cheesy – but awesome – medieval guard attire.  The view from the top of this tower was amazing, and we made it down just in time to see the clock show.

Tyn Church from the top of the Tower

Old Town Square from the top of the Tower

More of Old Town Square


We were right outside the clock at the top of the hour so we could enjoy the clock show.  This clock was originally build in the 1400’s, and legend has it that its creator was blinded so that he wouldn’t repeat his work.  I don’t understand everything it can do, so I won’t be doing it justice, but it can tell the position of the moon, sun and zodiac signs along with the time. At the top of the hour, a little song plays, a skeleton strikes a bell to tell the hour, and the doors around the faces open and some figures come out to parade around.  I wish I could figure out how to insert the video I took of it because it was very cool, and there was a huge mob of tourists standing around watching, then we all cheered at the end 🙂

We then spent the afternoon on the castle grounds.  There was so much to see, but I think my favorite part was our lunch on a castle terrace, overlooking the city.  

On our way back, we crossed the Charle’s Bridge, which was for many years the only connection between the castle and Old Town over the Vltava River, and walked through the Jewish Quarter, one of the oldest settlements in Europe.

Looking across the river over toward the castle.

Something you’re supposed to touch when you go over the bridge.  I can’t find any information on it but my host mom told me I had to do it, so this pic was for her! 

A pic of the bridge from our lunch/boat cruise on Sunday.


Some cool buildings in the Jewish quarter.

We also did a lot of great shopping and dining and were completely worn out by the time our flight left on Sunday.

And I swear I’m still going to school in between all this traveling!  I was at the ballet again last week, we had a really interesting guest speaker in my Sociology of the Family class talk about gay marriage in Denmark, and I started my art history course on French impressionism, which includes a weekend trip to Paris in May.  This weekend I’m going to go see the new Hunger Games movie and sleep in – something I haven’t done in a while!



One Comment on “Gorgeous, Gorgeous Prague”

  1. Meghan says:

    Hiiii! So i just caught up with all of your posts and have one thing to say….PLEASE COME BACK. I know you’re having such fun time there and true me I am super jealous, but Wellesley can be fun too I guess, right? This page makes me super sad that I won’t be able to go abroad. It looks like you have met so many wonderful people an have gone to so many fascinating places. My fav was Italy….and you’re going back there again when your family comes, unfair. Okay well keep having fun and lets Skype sometime soon!


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